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Finally Getting It


I chuckle sometimes on how far ahead all of us are in this industry versus most of the world. Case in point: the supply chain. We all have been intimately involved in the massive supply challenges as it pertains to our industry for many months now, also while noticing the rest of the world is a mess, too.

Well, comically, in the last two weeks it seems like the focus in the media and government have finally turned their attention over at the turmoilistic (new word I just created) supply chain. This excellent article in the Washington Post started it off, with a deep dive into a majority of the issues (including those we’ve been dealing with for a while with regards to cargo) and then this past week Washington, D.C. finally waded into the pool, and initially addressed it.

Does the extra sunlight being applied to this mess mean things will improve anytime soon? Probably not. But it is nice to see that finally more people are paying attention, and who knows, maybe that will help move things a little quicker. 


ICYMI: 10th Episode From the Fabricator Podcast

The 10th episode of the From the Fabricator podcast dropped last week, and I have loved the reactions so far.

  • The Winco Window duo of Gantt and Woody Miller brought people commenting to me about the impressiveness of their operation and their approach.
  • Emily Yukish’s turn on the show was a big one for many, who noted that we need more of her in our world, people who are bright, young and focused.
  • And for Ron Parker, besides people asking me about his diet (fruit) and his amazing recovery from ALS, the systems/structure in the operations realm really hit home. If you have not checked it out yet please do! I appreciate it!

Video Version

Audio Version 

‘Talking Shop’ with Matt Verderamo

I have noted here previous, but he did it again with another excellent update. “He” is Matt Verderamo of Alliance Exterior Construction and he continued his LinkedIn series with issue No. 3 of “Talking Shop,” with this one focused on forecasts. Job well done and worth the read! Connect and follow him to stay in touch.

Surprising Social Stats

This one surprised me. A recent study said that building firms are using Facebook as their favorite social media outlet. I am completely stunned by that, and when you see the percentage, I think you may be as well. Part of me thinks that Facebook must’ve commissioned the study because I don’t see it. 

Non-residential Sector Adds Jobs

Also surprising? The non-res sector added jobs last month. First time since March. Where did you all find the folks? LOL. Seriously, interesting to see, but also sobering when you see how far underwater we are labor wise compared to pre-pandemic timing. 

Glass Magazine Award Winner

On my previous blog I noted the “Deathstar” building in California, and totally missed the fact it won a Glass Magazine award this year. Yes, my mush brain at work there. To see more on this amazing structure, here’s the award winning writeup.

Chicago Baseball Fan Rivalry

Last this week, a question for my Chicago readers; there was a viral controversy this week over actor John Cusack rooting for the Chicago White Sox, when he’s been known and shown to be a big Chicago Cubs fan. I always thought that in Chicago it was one or the other―you were only a fan of one and the rivalry between the fans intense.

Heck, I visited a glazier there one time and guys that had White Sox flags on their cars were teased tremendously by the Cubs fans at the shop. Has that changed? Is it all about Chicago now, and not the teams? Just curious…

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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