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Closing the Shower Door Deal Onsite

Should you close the deal at time of final measurement?

An interesting topic that has come up in the Shower Door Professionals Group recently is being able to close at the time of the final measurement. The idea was introduced in a recent conversation, and it was surprising the amount of energy it gave to our discussion.

Some members make it a regular practice to complete the sale when they have an opportunity to do so face-to-face with the customer. As a matter of fact, I have been practicing this for years. Others in the group seem to be a little bit apprehensive about the approach.

Benefits of closing the deal at final measurement

The benefits of being able to close a deal at the time of the final shower enclosure measurement are easy to grasp. Being able to ask for the sale in person is obviously going to be the most effective and successful method.

By the time a team member is given the opportunity to go to the prospective customer’s home, a lot has already gone into making the sale possible. If the company representative has the skills to sell the shower enclosure, they will be able to leave with a down payment instead of just an appointment to follow-up.

Challenges to closing the deal

One reservation that some have about this approach is the concern that the person being sent to measure may not be qualified to make the deal. Owners may be apprehensive about the possibility of a mistake being made, leading to a monetary loss due to the job being underbid.

Those who are making it a practice to close the deal onsite would argue that the risk is well worth it. The effort required to make sure that the person doing the final measurement has the tools and skills needed to make the sale is well invested. There are several software solutions that can make this important step in the process much easier.

If you think making the move to close the deal at the time of the measure is bold, some are pre-selling shower enclosures sight-unseen. Believe it or not, a few shower door contractors are making this their regular practice and having a lot of success with it.

Making the sale before even doing a physical onsite measurement is becoming more common. I know that this is way outside of the box… Maybe too far out to even imagine for many. It’s a topic that I will cover in a future post. Tell me what you think!


Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips has deep roots in the glass and glazing industry. His family featured some glaziers (including his dad) and Chris followed their path into the industry. First Chris completed his apprenticeship in Las Vegas in the early 90’s and worked on many of the landmark buildings there including Caesars Palace, The Mirage, The Rio, the Luxor and more. He then started Showcase Shower Door Co. in Santa Cruz, California in 2005. He has personally installed more than one thousand shower installations in his career with that number being added to daily.