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Quick Takes

Everyone staying warm? What a run over the last few weeks, that even folks in Florida saw some crazy temps. Anyway, things will be heating up soon with a lot going on in our industry on tap. This week’s post is a quick hitter style with some catch up items leading the way.

From the Fabricator podcast, S02E2

Next week will be the second edition of season 2 of the From the Fabricator podcast, and it’s a fun and different one with regards to the guest lineup. Some fascinating and innovative people joined me, and we covered a wide range of subjects. Looking forward to wrapping it up and getting it out next week!

Jan/Feb Glass Magazine

Glass Magazine review time: this is the 2022 Forecast issue and once again Katy Devlin, Norah Dick and team knocked it out of the park! So much good in there, but if you haven’t checked out the daylight and views section, do that right away. Articles from amazing thought leaders like Dr. Helen Sanders, Lisa Heschong and Adam Mitchell are fantastic reads.

Ad of the Month

The ad of the month race is always a tough one to choose but this month is tougher because it’s a packed issue ad wise, and everyone brought their “A” game. However only one winner, and that is GGI and the “Max” glass board piece. Obviously, I love the name, but really the ad pops in so many ways and it does what was intended—makes you stop, look, and read. Congrats to the GGI team on an excellent piece of marketing there! 

Gilbane Supply Chain Report

The latest from Gilbane on the supply chain is out, and our industry stayed the same from last month with ratings of stabilizing (price) contracting (inventories) and delayed (deliveries). I do expect some ratings changes next month in at least two of the three categories, so we will see. Note, once again every single trade is listed as “delayed” on deliveries, so we are truly not alone.

MyGlassTruck Celebrates 33 Years

Congrats to Rustin Cassway, president of MyGlassTruck on celebrating his 33rd year in business. Rustin is truly an industry original and he changed the truck rack landscape in his tenure there. Also, he made many GlassBuild’s more memorable while raising a ton of money for charity. Good man, and here’s to many more years in our universe!

Global Security Glass Shoutout

Kudos to the team at Global Security Glass on the nice write up they received for a prison job in Utah. It can be found here, and I point it out mostly because this article shows off the glass product in such a powerful and positive way. Detention glazing surely is not a big newsy item, but I thought this effort deserved extra pub.

The Healing Power of Glass

Also a good read from Intelligent Glass Solutions Magazine on the “Healing Power of Glass”—once again our materials are a heck of a lot better than some folks out there think. We continue to make the world a better place! H/T to the United Architectural Metals LinkedIn feed where I first saw it.

Job Openings

I saw a stat this week on year-over-year job openings. Obviously, in our industry we have quite a few, especially on plant floors and out at jobsites. This survey had our world in the manufacturing sector which has 66 percent more jobs open than a year ago. Hospitality has 72 percent more jobs open than last year and transportation 90 percent more open! But the one that stunned me? The insurance world has 88 percent more job openings into 2022 than they did in 2021. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that industry was that rough for finding people.

Super Bowl Sunday 

Last this week… Super Bowl kicks off Sunday, Rams and Bengals. To go back some, in the pages of Glass Magazine (the one linked above) I picked the Ravens to win it all. That was written when the Ravens were 8-3. They then lost every single game after.

Anyway, fast forward to my blog of 1/9/22 where I picked the Rams over the Titans to win. Amazingly, I am still alive. Will the Rams winning come through and for the second year in a row (I picked the Bucs last year) and this blog will have picked the winner? We’ll see… I do love Joe Burrow though, he’s from the great city of Athens, Ohio, and so my heart is with him too. Either way, hopefully we get a good game!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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