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Top 10 Tradeshow Giveaway Items of 2022

Tradeshow promo items

Is it possible that we are beginning to glimpse a world where COVID restrictions do not reign supreme? While tradeshow organizers will continue to err on the side of caution and keep safety front and center, it could be an encouraging trend for tradeshow attendance to see some light at the end of this seemingly never-ending tunnel.

Tradeshows provide an incredible opportunity to connect, learn and effectively market. Whether you are getting or giving out goodies, this is my Top 10 list for the best tradeshow logo giveaway items this year.

1. Masks

This might feel like a given, but it will remain popular into the foreseeable future. Five years ago, this item wouldn’t find itself on any Top 10 list, but world circumstances have changed that.

2. Credit card hand sanitizer

Like masks, this will continue to be a popular item. It is practical, takes up little space and will absolutely be used.

3. Tote bags

You can only carry so many pens and flash drives before you must find some kind of carrier. Enter the tote bags. So helpful!

4. Webcam Covers

These nifty little devices can pop right over your computer’s camera for an extra level of security. How many post-it notes will lose their job with these out and about?

5. Drinking vessels

Be it water bottles or mugs, drinking vessels will always be popular and well-received. Albeit on the larger side and definitely a hassle for vendors to ship in and set up, they will go quickly.

6. Logo socks

These popped up on to the scene a few years ago and I think they will continue to stay. Logo socks are fun, quirky and can always get a good laugh.

7. Power banks

This item isn’t as budget-friendly as other giveaway options, but it is sure to be a hit. The majority of tradeshow attendees are traveling many miles to attend and know the power that a charged power bank can have in an airport.

8. Ice scrapers

Is this practical for all seasons? No. Will someone silently be thanking “insert company name” when they find this ice scraper tucked under their car seat on the first frosty morning of fall? Absolutely.

9. Bottle opener business cards

We love to see items that double-function. Bottle openers are always handy. Pair that with a sleek design that takes up little space and you have a hit.

10. Reusable straws

This is a great way to do a giveaway item, while keeping environmental sustainability as a priority. I think we will begin to see more of these in booths across tradeshow spaces.

It will be wonderful to see creativity and innovation continue to shine through at this year’s industry tradeshows. Good luck to all vendors and attendees. Make those connections and get those goodies!


Sara Barchak

Sara Barchak

Sara Barchak serves as a marketing manager at EFCO and as an active volunteer in her community. Based in Missouri, she began her career in the glazing industry after graduating from Drury University with a Bachelor of Science in public relations, advertising and graphic design. She can be reached at