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BEC Begins

What to expect from BEC

It’s here! BEC week is upon us, and I am onsite in Las Vegas with hundreds of industry leaders. Next week I’ll have my usual “who’s who” recap of this event, but the overall vibe once again is one of positivity and hope.  

I think we all have the concern over the economy and metrics. We’ve all either seen or experienced, or are experiencing, some softness. But the one consistent aspect is that it is not holding people back. Innovation is happening, expansions are taking place, and a thirst to get diverse, both in products and workforce, is sincere. Loving it all. BEC will always have a special place in my heart as the event that I got my first opportunity at so many years ago and I look forward to always being here and amongst the best of the best!  


This week's pod

In case you missed it, my latest podcast is up, and it does have a very heavy BEC flavor to it. Everyone on it this month (Garret Henson, Viracon, Nicole Mann, Glass Vegas, Michael Spellman, Art Huard, and Dr. Charlie Boyer, Vacu-Gask) are all expected to be in Vegas for BEC so that will be fun. Initial feedback has been awesome. Garret’s history and path into the industry has had people scrambling down memory lane unaware of his connection to a past giant in our space. Nicole’s energy was infectious, and the invention by Michael/Art/Charlie delivered a lot of “wow VIG is FOR REAL” comments.  Cool stuff. Thank you for checking it out and supporting!

You can watch here or listen here, as well as anywhere you get your podcasts, Apple, Spotify, Google etc.

Thompson Innovative Glass rebrand

Congrats to Tom Donovan and the team at the newly branded Thompson Innovative Glass.  Tremendous initial launch of the new brand and message and with more to come including a new website, great things are surely ahead. These guys are always making inroads and I like the push into more sophisticated options. Nice work, Tom and team!

Glass & Glazing Advocacy Days

Very important piece here on high performance glazing, benefits from the government and your chance to have a voice in Washington DC.  Glass & Glazing Advocacy Days are coming, it is worth it to you to get involved and get involved in a big and important way!

School safety

As some of you in the specific school safety space are aware, there is a new standard (thankfully) available.  However, it doesn’t come without its issues. Evidently the cost to test to this new standard is considered to be quite exorbitant leading some to possibly not go down that path. That aspect is not a good one. We need good standards, this by all indications is and it’s much better than the standard before, but if they become an issue in testing to meet it, then that is a problem. Will bear watching and also will affect the costs out there too, which means we as an industry will lose product to other materials. 

Top TV themes

Last this week, Rolling Stone did a rundown of Top TV Themes of all time and once again I think they are way off. But it is great for fun arguments. I’ll say “The Jeffersons” at #1 works because “Moving on up” is a classic, but Friends at 8 is too low, as is the Sopranos at 19. Miami Vice at 32 is a crime and my wife and daughter will kill me if I don’t note that having the Gilmore Girls at #45 is simply insane. Very catchy tune that I have only heard a million times because that show plays constantly in my home. Interesting list though and brings back a ton of memories. Check it out!

Links of the week


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

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