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Who's Next?

Who will be the 2023 Industry MVP?

And down the stretch we come…This is the next to last scheduled post of the year!  A few items to cover this week. We’ll kick it off with a look back at my past Industry MVP’s and Runners Up as the 2023 edition will be unveiled next week.

I created this program in 2013 to recognize folks and companies that go above and beyond to support our industry. Many on the lists below are still active and very involved in our space which is very cool, and many continue to make positive impacts even in new places. Some have retired and one sadly passed away who is missed daily. 

Starting with the past winners, your previous MVP’s were:

2013- Tracy Rogers

2014- CR Laurence

2015- Jon Kimberlain

2016- Chuck Knickerbocker

2017- Joe Erb

2018- Nathalie Thibault

2019- Bill Sullivan

2020- Tim Kelley

2021- Matt Kamper and Steve Dean

2022- Jodi Martinez

And the long list of previous Runners Up:

Tom Culp, Mark Silverberg, Ed Zaucha, Mic Patterson, Oliver Stepe, Dr. Helen Sanders, Scott Thomsen, John Wheaton, Rick Wright, Tom O’Malley, The late great Bernard Lax, Garret Henson, Walker Glass, Dip Tech, Kris Vockler, Mike Albert, Thom Zaremba , Urmilla Jokhu-Sowell, SAPA, GCI, Darijo Babic, Cathie Saroka, Felix Munson, Jeff Haber, Glenn Miner, Rob Struble, Greg Oehlers, Courtney Little, Scott Rowe, Rowe Fenestration, Syndi Sim, Dustin Anderson, Casey Anderson, Sam Hill, Bill Daubmann, Keith Daubmann, Dr. Kayla Natividad, Kyle Sword, Adrian Lowenstein, Tom Jackson, Stanley Yee, Chris Phillips, and Frameless Hardware Company- FHC

Some do ask me about my process, and they’ll say these are all your friends, and yes, many on the list I consider my friends, but there’s a few on this list who don’t even know I exist and some who legit aren’t fans of mine. Yet, when they were chosen it was deserving because of what they did, and in many cases still do, for our space.

Who gets added to these rolls this year? Next week you’ll find out!


Latest pod

In case you missed the latest From the Fabricator podcast, I had Trey Taylor of BEES Inc. and Henry Taylor of Kawneer on. Both conversations featured quite a few takeaways on training, approaches, culture etc. Two excellent people for our world from leading organizations too. Next week I’ll have my traditional year ending podcast with just one guest and I think it will be a great for all to check out! Thank you for supporting! To check out the Trey and Henry episode, watch on YouTube here, or listen here or by searching “From the Fabricator” on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your pods.

Last Glass Mag of the year

The last Glass Magazine of 2023 is out and another tremendous combination of info and insight from the remarkable editorial team there! Rachel Vitello dove into a great project in Oklahoma featuring some of the best of the best in our space, and we even have columns from past MVP’s Joe Erb and Chuck Knickerbocker. The Glazing Information Bulletin included is a biggie. The whole issue is chock full of goodness! Check it out!

Meanwhile, the coveted Ad of the Month went to FHC for their ASPIRE ad. I am normally a less text is better guy, but this ad made it work and the use of color- especially, on the word mark “Aspire”, made it pop. Kudos to the gang at Frameless Hardware Company for a job well done!

Social media posts on glass to check out

My good pal Scott Goodman came through big time this week with a link on a bowling ball being shot at 500 MPH at “bullet-proof” glass (Note: I hate the term “bullet-proof”, but that’s how the article states it. Ugh!) Anyway, check this out and thank you Scott for always supporting!

Last this week… another past MVP, Bill Sullivan of Brin Glass with a clutch shared tweet. This is wild and something you’d normally see at glasstec… incredible precision, skill, and obviously a dash of voo-doo to make this happen. Thank you Bill for the share!


Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at