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January/February 2024

Product Solution | Enhanced Alice Direct-to-Glass Printing

Utilizing ceramic frit ink and Dip-Tech’s enhanced printing technology, GGI's Alice® provides high-resolution designs combined with precision fabrication.

How to Internet in and Around Industry Events | Part 2

Next steps, at the show and best practices for social media. Whether you’re going to GlassBuild (and you should be), or another trade show, take my hand to explore the interwebs and find ways to make it rain as both attendee and exhibitor on the magical mystery tour of social media!  

How to Internet in and Around Industry Events | Part 1

The pre-game and preps. Whether it’s to make your GlassBuild, or other trade show, more successful, take my hand to explore the interwebs. We’ll find ways to make it rain as both attendee and exhibitor on the magical mystery tour of social media!  

Heat-Treated Glass Surfaces are Different

In this Glass Informational Bulletin, learn how heat-treated glass is a critical component of high-performance coated, insulating, laminated, spandrel, safety glazing, bullet-resistant, blast-resistant and hurricane-resistant fenestration products. As usage has increased in recent years, so has the…

World of Glass 2023 Report

North American float glass manufacturers explore partnerships with solar panel producers and stay ahead of the curve with low-carbon products.

Flexible Strategies for a Shifting Economy

You can’t predict, but you can prepare for a 2024 environment full of uncertainty and potentially extreme outcomes.

Five Glass Measurement Challenges

A thorough and detailed inspection of architectural glass and the condition of glazing are vital in maintaining the safety and visual appeal of both commercial and residential structures.

Third-party Standards Mitigation

Technical questions of standards copyright can have project-specific impacts for designers, architects and trades.

Mixed Economic Signals

There is little agreement among economists about what 2024 will hold. They are split over whether the overall economy will enter recession. They are split over labor market expectations. Over interest rate projections. Over the future of inflation. Construction economists are similarly split in…

2024 Forecast: Top 10 Takeaways

Highlights from the latest construction forecasts show that U.S. economic recovery slowly continues, shadowed by inflation and labor challenges, and geopolitical risk.

Industry Leaders Talk Mega Trends

What's ahead for the glass industry? "Industry Trends to Watch," a panel kicking off GlassBuild 2023, welcomed four leaders from all parts of the industry to discuss labor, the advent of AI, and other major trends to be aware of.

Industry Leaders Discuss the Business of DEIB

Industry experts, hosted by NGA Operations Manager Alicia Hamilton, explored diversity, inclusion and what it means for business, in the keynote panel “Building Better Business through DEIB,” presented on the GlassBuild Main Stage. The conversation looked at what that belonging can look like for…

A Recession is Coming. Top 5 Factors to Watch.

The overall U.S. economy will most likely enter recession in the coming months, with nonresidential construction beginning to feel the effects in late 2024, says Connor Lokar, senior forecaster, ITR Economics, who returned to the Glazing Executives Forum at GlassBuild America to deliver the event’s…

Resources for Glass and Glazing Professionals

The National Glass Association has published 80+ Glass Technical Papers (GTPs), covering all aspects of glass and glazing building products. These resources are made possible by the time and commitment of industry volunteers, code experts and NGA staff. 

GlassBuild Is Back: Attendance and Show Floor Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

GlassBuild America 2023, which concluded Nov. 2 in Atlanta, may represent a return to the upward slope of 2019. This year's show welcomed more exhibitors and attendees, and showcased essential education, insights and innovations.