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Crystal Expands Engineering Assistance Services for Window Projects

Crystal Window & Door Systems expanded its offerings of project engineering assistance services for architects and fenestration trade customers. The Crystal R&D/Engineering Department recently qualified to use the National Fenestration Rating Council Component Modeling Approach Program and its online directory. This tool will give Crystal the ability during the project’s design and specification phase to estimate and optimize selections of window types, configurations, glazing options, and frame and spacer components to maximize overall window energy performance and energy efficiency ratings, according to company officials.

While Crystal currently uses thermal performance modeling for glazing options, the CMA Program adds in spacers, window frames, and other components to the assessment.

“Our capabilities with the NFRC’s CMA Program will greatly enhance our ability to help design and construction professionals make the best decisions for their fenestration products,” says Sabrina Leung, architectural sales and R&D/engineering manager. “With so many glazing, spacer, coating, and configuration choices available, Crystal’s engineering team will be able to use the CMA Program software tools to ensure the customer’s desired fenestration selections and configurations achieve energy code or advanced specification targets. We can recommend various alternatives guiding design, construction, and fenestration professionals on how best to achieve desired energy performance within their project budgets.” Crystal has several new products in the final stages of testing which will be added to the CMA directory when approved.