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UPDATED: AGC Glass Confirms Employee Safety in Ukraine, Suspends Operations

AGC Glass updated its previous statement on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, posting the following statement on March 18:

"In Ukraine, the AGC Group engages in the sale of architectural glass and automotive replacement glass products, but the business operations have been suspended due to the current circumstances. AGC has confirmed the safety of its 24 employees in Ukraine.

In Russia, the AGC Group engages mainly in the architectural and automotive glass business. In the light of the current situation, the Group has decided to suspend investments in the country including the periodic repair of glass manufacturing furnaces. Regarding the automotive glass business, the Group has largely scaled down the production and shipments to automobile manufacturers in Russia.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and take appropriate actions according to the circumstances.

If the situation is prolonged and is expected to have a significant impact on the Group’s business performance, AGC will promptly make an announcement."

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