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Float Glass

World of Glass 2022 Report

Float producers overcome short-term hurdles as they plan for longer-term industry change.

Western European Glass Sector Reemerges

The flat glass industry in Western Europe is seeing a resurgence of growth following pandemic challenges and the shock to energy costs caused by the ending of Russian gas supply to the region. While some countries are now reporting pre-pandemic metrics of growth, concerns remain about energy costs…

World of Glass 2023 Report

North American float glass manufacturers explore partnerships with solar panel producers and stay ahead of the curve with low-carbon products.

NGA 75th Anniversary

In the 75 years following the NGA’s founding, the organization became the largest trade association serving the architectural glass and metals industry. The NGA merged with the Glass Association of North America in 2018 and now includes more than 1,800 member companies representing contract…

An Underground History of Glass

Katy Devlin takes a kayak tour through a now-flooded former silica sand mine that provided the raw materials for the flat glass plant that sat atop it.

UPDATED: AGC Glass Confirms Employee Safety in Ukraine, Suspends Operations

AGC Glass updated its statements on how the Russia-Ukraine conflict impacts its businesses in the region.

Pilkington UK St. Helens Glass Plant Runs Furnace on Biofuel for Four Days

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG Group, became the world’s first flat glass manufacturer to fire its furnace on 100 percent biofuel, as part of an industry trial to find sustainable alternatives to natural gas.

NSG Group Introduces Renewable Electricity in Poland

NSG UK Enterprises, part of the NSG Group, signed a power purchase agreement with EDP Renewables, the world's fourth largest renewable energy producer, for the renewable electricity generated by a wind farm located in Poland.

Sisecam’s Glass Helps New Housing Complex Blend with Natural Surroundings

The Flora Panorama is a new a housing complex and located in Burgas, Bulgaria.  Sharenkov Architects designed the building to blend in with the surrounding nature in the city, using Şişecam’s solar control low-emissivity flat glass products to accomplish their design goal.

World of Glass 2021 Report

Primary glass market faces continued supply challenges, while manufacturers push for better performance, improved efficiency.

Canadian Premium Sand Inc. Selects Selkirk, Manitoba for Manufacturing Facility Location

Canadian Premium Sand Inc. (CPS) chose the City of Selkirk, Manitoba, as the preferred location for its solar glass manufacturing facility

AGC Glass Europe Reopens Renovated Float Line in Czech Republic

AGC Glass Europe announced on its Facebook page that the company had inaugurated its Řetenice plant, based in Czech Republic. The line went through cold repair of the furnace.

Guardian Glass Invests in Expanded Capacity and Energy-Saving Technology for UK Plant

Guardian Glass is investing significantly in its Goole, East Yorkshire float glass production plant, based in the U.K.  The purpose of the investment is to increase the company’s ability to supply float glass, primarily to the U.K. and Ireland, while also improving the plant’s energy efficiency.

World of Glass Special 2020 Report

Glass manufacturers adapt business strategies, development amid global uncertainty. World of Glass updates for global float glass locations.

5 Takeaways from the World of Glass

The float glass industry confronted manufacturing and supply chain issues along with the rest of the world of glass.

The World of Glass is Shifting

The global float glass industry continues to see a shift in market leaders, expansions and investments in emerging regions, and trends toward efficiency and sustainability in production and processes. In its 2020 World of Glass Annual Report, Glass Magazine identifies key updates in the market…

Sisecam Inaugurates Second Float Facility in Italy

Şişecam Group has completed its renovation and modernization investment in the Manfredonia plant, the company's second flat glass investment in Italy.

The Future of Float Glass Points to Advancing Technologies

Technological advances are changing the float glass industry. Market demands for higher performance glasses along with pressures to reduce the environmental impact of production have led to notable advancements in technology for both float products and processes. Regarding the first, the push for…

The World of Glass

The glass-making process starts with raw materials heated to 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit to produce molten glass. Pictured, the molten glass floats on a molten tin bath to become a flat ribbon. Photo courtesy of Guardian Industries.   The global float glass industry has undergone a dramatic…