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NGA's Urmilla Sowell at Glass Performance Days


Urmilla Sowell, Vice President, Advocacy & Technical Services

Glass Performance Days (GPD) will be held June 14-16 in Tampere, Finland. The theme of the conference, “Way to Grow,” reflects the new challenges shaping our lives and businesses as we grow. GPD brings together the entire glass industry, from researchers to architects, designers, glass producers, processors, equipment providers and end users. Program highlights include:

  • June 14: Workshop “Sending Glass to North America? A Standards Overview” presented by Urmilla Sowell of National Glass Association, Julia Schimmelpenningh of Eastman Chemical Company, Tom Culp of Birch Point Consulting and NGA’s Energy Code Consultant.
  • June 15: “Flat glass recycling in Europe and the US: state of play and challenges for enhanced circularity” presented by Bertrand Cazes, Glass for Europe and Urmilla Sowell, National Glass Association.
  • June 15: “North American Glass and Glazing Market Trends” presented by Urmilla Sowell, National Glass Association.
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