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A+W Software Rehires Renaud Schmitt as Customer Support Specialist

Renaud SchmittA+W welcomes back Renaud Schmitt, an A+W veteran returning to the North American Cantor window and door division team as a customer support specialist. He worked for A+W for 14 years from 2005 to 2019, which avails him the opportunity to bring unrivaled knowledge of A+W’s software solutions with a goal to help all of our customers grow.

In his new position, Schmitt will support our growing North American customer base, implement upgrades or new software solutions, and troubleshoot any opportunities that arise.  With his years of knowledge, he is capable of immediately jumping in and helping our A+W’s customers prepare, thrive, and grow.

According to John Staiano, COO of A+W Software North America, “As the North American division continues to grow and take market share, we are proud to bring on Renaud, who can make an immediate impact. With extensive knowledge of A+W’s software solutions, Renaud has already started taking on cases and providing solutions for customers. With the ability to speak three languages, Renaud can help in the expanding French-Canadian market as well. We are very excited to welcome Renaud back to the team! We look forward to watching our customers grow with his guidance, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.”

Schmitt says, “I’m excited to rejoin A+W Software. I’m passionate about my work and helping our customers grow! A+W has been a great place to work for years, so it feels like coming home. I hope my presence can continue to aid the North American team as we grow, bring on new customers, and help current customers grow to meet the new challenges of the future.”