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Ben Haigh Joins the McGrory Glass Fire-Rated Division as Senior Director

McGrory Glass, one of the largest family-owned architectural glass companies in the country, announced that Ben Haigh has joined the company as senior director of the fire-rated division.

“We are excited that Ben has joined our fire-rated division at McGrory, and will help us continue to bring innovative fire-rated and security solutions to the architectural community,” says Chris McGrory, CEO and president of McGrory Glass. “Ben brings a vast knowledge of fire-rated solutions and building codes that will directly benefit our clients.”

McGrory is a national fabricator and distributor of fire-rated and architectural glass solutions, offering decades of experience and end-to-end customer support.

“Since McGrory is that end-to-end manufacturer, we can seamlessly integrate multiple products—fire-rated to security, security to architectural,” Haigh says. “This saves architects the headache of having to consult with vendors and manage different installs, making it easier to carry design intent throughout a building. All of these options are fabricated here in the United States. We have complete in-house control with respect to production and can provide comprehensive solutions in any sector.”

“Our team has the agility to bring new products to market very quickly—and also pivot based on our customers’ needs,” Haigh continues. “For two decades, I’ve been involved in a large number of architectural projects, working with architects and glaziers, where I act as a ‘fire-rated problem-solver.’ Because it’s not just a code-driven business. There’s also a vital design requirement… a certain aesthetic that is key to the space. I can look at their design vision and quickly recommend a solution that marries code requirements with aesthetic considerations.”

Prior to joining McGrory Glass, Haigh spent 19 years with a leading glass organization, where he focused on fire-rated glass, glazing, and assembly systems. “My experience in research and development dovetails with McGrory’s forward-looking approach to offering innovative fire-rated glass products and framing systems,” he says.

“I’m thrilled to join a team where I can not only share my accumulated knowledge, but also bring my specific skill set to bear,” Haigh says. “McGrory Glass has been a leader in the industry for over 35 years, and I am excited to help the team bring our unique blend of innovation, grit, and experience to even more clients.”