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Changes to Glaston’s Group Structure and Executive Management Group

Glass Magazine

To better reflect its business dynamics and market drivers, Glaston made changes to the group structure. As of Jan. 1, Glaston Corp. has three business areas: Glaston Heat Treatment Technologies, Glaston Insulating Glass Technologies and Glaston Automotive & Emerging Technologies.

The business areas also form the company’s three reporting segments in which services are included. Machine and services sales, order intake and order book will also be reported separately as additional information. Glaston will publish comparable numbers for the new segments before the publication of the first quarter 2020 interim report.

Glaston Corporation’s Executive Management Group as of Jan. 1
Arto Metsänen, president & CEO
Sasu Koivumäki, chief operations officer, sales & integration
Päivi Lindqvist, chief financial officer
Juha Liettyä, senior vice president, Glaston Heat Treatment Technologies
Dietmar Walz, senior vice president, Glaston Insulating Glass Technologies
Robert Prange, senior vice president, Glaston Automotive and Emerging Technologies
Artturi Mäki, senior vice president, services
Taina Tirkkonen, general counsel and senior vice president, Human Resources

At the beginning of 2020, the rebranding of Bystronic glass has started with the target to terminate its use by the end of 2020. The brand will be merged into the company brand Glaston. In connection to the acquisition announcement in 2019, Glaston communicated its right to use the Bystronic glass brand for a limited time period.