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FGIA and World Vision to Partner for Hygiene Kit Build at 2021 FGIA Hybrid Fall Conference

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance will be partnering with World Vision, a humanitarian organization helping children, families and their communities overcome poverty and injustice, during the 2021 FGIA Hybrid Fall Conference, Oct.18-21, to build and donate hygiene kits to a shelter in Phoenix, where the conference will be held. FGIA is currently seeking sponsors to help the Association provide as many kits as possible.

"By sponsoring hygiene kits, you are helping children and families in the greater Phoenix area by serving those impacted by poverty, natural disasters or homelessness," says Florica Vlad, FGIA Meetings Manager.

Companies can donate $100 to sponsor 10 kits, or as much as $1,000 to ensure the creation of 100 kits. According to World Vision, each night, nearly 200,000 people sleep outside or in a place not meant for human habitation. Basic needs go unmet as many homeless adults and children lack access to necessities such as hygiene items. A hygiene kit filled with personal care products and a handwritten note from a kit building volunteer can provide encouragement and hope.

"When a family or person lacks the means to provide for their most basic need, food, we know other practical and basic items like hygiene products go unpurchased. However, these items contribute daily to health, access to work and education as well as dignity. A hygiene kit can be the key that opens the door to all of these resources that will ultimately enable people to provide for their own needs," says Jack Laverty, corporate engagement director at World Vision. Kits will include toiletry items like soap, a soap holder, a hairbrush, a shaving kit, tissues, toothpaste and a toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, hand sanitizer, shampoo, body wash and a case to hold everything.

"Each hygiene kit is delivered to an area where it is needed most. It is our promise to make wise decisions for delivery to the greatest need and our partnership with Refreshing Church allows us to meet that promise," says Laverty. "Amidst their challenging times, they will find hope through the gift of this tote filled with much-needed essentials."

Hygiene kits will be donated to a shelter in Phoenix called the André House, a facility that feeds the homeless every week. "The kits will be given to those in need as wintertime comes, to help hold them over just a little longer. It makes a great impact," says Refreshing Church Lead Pastor Shawn Buckhanan, II, who founded the church in 2019, located in uptown Phoenix.

This is not Refreshing Church's first partnership with World Vision. During the pandemic, the church began providing 10 food boxes each week for a cost of $10 each. "For a small church, $100 a week was a lot for us," says Buckhanan. "World Vision connected with us and wanted to send us food boxes, so we were able to start doing 1,000 a week." After six months, the church and World Vision were able to provide 2,000 food boxes each week to those in need.

"We like to do our part, and together we can make it happen," says Buckhanan.