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FGIA Unveils New Logo, Brand at Annual Conference

FGIA logo

During the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance inaugural 2020 Annual Conference, the association officially launched its brand, including a new logo and promotional video. On Jan. 1, 2020, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance officially came together to form a new, united organization: FGIA.

"That alliance called for the creation of a new brand to represent not just the combining of these two industry leaders, but to cast a vision for the future of FGIA," says Angela Dickson, FGIA marketing and communications director. "Much planning, creativity and thoughtfulness went into the development of the new logo, as well as the verbal and visual languages of the FGIA brand." 

Members of the AAMA and IGMA Marketing Committees and the AAMA and IGMA Boards of Directors held several meetings last year to gain insight from rebranding experts to determine the best path forward. Part of that initiative was considering the color, font and logo creation. This included the positioning line: "Your trusted resource, setting the standards for fenestration and glazing."

As part of the branding process, primary personality traits of the brand were developed to help convey the character of the new organization: precise and detailed, knowledgeable, insightful and enlightening, design-driven, innovative and evolving.

The branding strategy developed for FGIA calls for the AAMA and IGMA brands to appear with the FGIA brand indefinitely to leverage the existing AAMA and IGMA brand recognition. This approach aids in building the FGIA brand over time. 

The new logo is made up of a frame—representing fenestration products—and an opening, which represents the glazing. The frame is offset, creating movement and dynamism, reflecting the innovation and intentional evolution that are two primary traits of the brand. The clean and bold font is both versatile and modern, exuding clarity and confidence.

Several FGIA members participated in a video promotion project meant to convey all the programs and services FGIA offers and the benefits of membership. Some of those interviews have been summarized in a video, relaying excitement around the new, unified organization. Some themes include combined synergies, the bigger picture, thought leadership and more.

"It really brings together two organizations that have a long history, and a similar history, or producing documents and standards that help advance the industry [and] help keep the playing ground equal," says Donnie Hunter, FGIA board chairman, of Kawneer.