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GlasWeld to Exhibit at GlassBuild America

GlasWeld announces it will be attending the GlassBuild 2023 show as an exhibitor. The company will debut new scratch removal kit arrangements and show demos of the tools in action at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA October 31st through November 2nd.

The GlasWeld team will be performing live demos showing distortion-free scratch removal at their booth. To see a demo visit them at booth #3415 at GlassBuild 2023. Visit for more information.

About GlasWeld

GlasWeld has been making tools in the glass repair industry since 1982. The company began as glass repair professionals, working to solve problems everyday techs face. GlasWeld aims to help people save more money for their business with innovative distortion-free scratch removal technology.

About its products

GlasWeld’s Gforce Max system provides distortion-free scratch removal that takes minutes to remove light damage. The Max is built with an ergonomic handle, water feed system and self-leveling backer pad that makes scratch removal effective and easy to learn for complete beginners. GlasWeld’s scratch removal kits provide an easy solution for glass industry, construction and automotive workers, that they can learn in just minutes.

What the company says

“Our goal at GlasWeld is to change the perception that scratch glass is just a cost of doing business in the construction, window, and glass industry,” says Shiloh Spoo, President of GlasWeld. “It’s a problem that has been around for decades that directly impacts the bottom line, and has an immeasurable impact due to delays, labor costs, and customer satisfaction concerns. With the Gforce Max we now have a simple solution that works at any stage and in any setting. We want to help the industry solve these issues and keep more of their hard-earned revenue and profit.”