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ICYMI: 5 Glass Industry Megatrends, Industry Forecast and more

Week 2 of GlassBuild Connect provided attendees with 10 webinars, more than 20 education demos, product introductions and more. Register and log in at to access on-demand showings and new content, every weekday through Sept. 30.

Several highlights from Week 2:

1. Glass Industry Mega-trends

Jorma Vitkala, founder of the Glass Performance Days conference laid out glass industry mega trends in 5 areas during his Performance Wednesday keynote address. He covered design trends, energy, emerging technologies, communications and processing. Watch the webinar on-demand. 

2. Macroeconomic Rebound in Focus

While the overall U.S. economy has been in recovery for nearly 50 days, the worst is likely yet to come for commercial construction, according to ITR economist Connor Lokar during his Annual Industry Forecast keynote on Outlook Tuesday. Most in the construction industry experienced immediate disruptions related to the shutdowns and picked up where they left off with preexisting projects; however, few have felt the full force of the demand pullback. Read more.

An encore presentation of Lokar’s forecast will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 22. Register to attend. 

3. Installation Demos

Installation Thursday offered two video demonstrations for contract glaziers. Check out the on-demand showing of the Inside the Install series with Showcase Shower Door’s Chris Phillips as he demonstrates a solo install of an in-line enclosure with a notched panel. And, see the SageGlass installation of electrochromic glass.

4. Product Introductions

Companies are introducing nearly 140 brand new products at GlassBuild Connect. Some highlight introductions from the week: Reachmaster, with a new product introduction during its GlassBuild Connect exclusive facility tour and demo, and the virtual Italian pavilion product showcase, where 20 glass machinery and tool suppliers are promoting new offerings.   

5. Digital Tools for Tomorrow

Software and digital tools will be essential for meeting efficiency, health and safety, and quality requirements of the future. Exhibitors at GlassBuild Connect are showing nearly 30 new software and digital tool solutions for the commercial glass factory and jobsite. Plus hear some additional insights on digital tool trends from Orgadata’s William Downing.