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MY Shower Door / D3 Glass Leaders Selected for National Industry Positions

Bill Daubmann and Keith Daubmann, of MY Shower Door / D3 Glass have been selected for positions on the National Glass Association’s (NGA) Shower Door Installation Best Practices Guide. They are part of a nationally selected group of professionals who have extensive knowledge in layout, safety, functionality and glass specifications for frameless shower doors.  MY Shower Door / D3 Glass is the only Florida company represented in this prestigious group.

“We are honored to be selected to help advance the glass and glazing industry and solidify best practices for the frameless shower door category,” says Bill Daubmann, president and founder of the Fort Myers-based company. He adds, “Having sold and installed over 80,000 frameless shower doors, the National Glass Association believes that our input will be extremely beneficial.”

The Daubmanns’ are leaders in this industry and have seen their company grow from the original four founding family members to the current 145 employees throughout the State of Florida.