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NGA Committees Update Glass Technical Papers

NGA committees and task groups develop new resources and revise existing publications to address issues facing the industry. The organization's Fabricating Committee and Installing Committee member volunteers worked to update several Glass Technical Papers (GTPs) through the systematic ballot process in April 2023. NGA GTPs are available for download in the NGA online store.

What the NGA Fabricating Committee updated

  • Blast Resistant Glazing: When properly designed, framed, and anchored, blast resistant laminates are capable of maintaining the integrity of the building envelope following an explosion and reducing interior damage.
  • Screening Out Ultraviolet Radiation with Laminated Glass: Furniture, fabrics, and other interior fixtures, as well as valuable paintings and papers, will fade over time. The main contributors to fading are ultraviolet (UV) radiation, visible light, absorbed heat and moisture. The UV filtering characteristics in the laminate interlayer enable laminated glass to reduce the rate of fading and deterioration of these materials.
  • Understanding Reflective Distortion in Mirror Installations:  Through its reflective qualities, a well-placed mirror can bring light into the living space as well as provide a feeling of enlarging the space around you. However, reflective images from the mirror may exhibit slight distortion, which is a function of the glass used to fabricate the mirror or the result of the mirror installation.
  • Suggested Procedures for Dealing with Broken Glass: Glass can break after installation due to accidental impact, severe weather events, vandalism, or improper glazing conditions. Regardless of the type of glass, broken glass can pose a risk of injury and property damage. This document outlines suggested procedures for dealing with broken glass. 

What the NGA Installing Committee updated

  • Construction Site Protection. Once finished materials are placed on a construction site, they become exposed to a variety of conditions and influences that can adversely affect product aesthetics and functionality. This document discusses steps to avoid permanent damage to glass. 
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