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NGA's Tom Culp Addresses ASHRAE's 2031 Net-Zero Goal

NGA’s Energy Code Consultant, Dr. Tom Culp of Birch Point Consulting LLC, gave the breakfast address at the ASHRAE Region VI conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on May 5.

The presentation

Culp presented ASHRAE’s new goal to reach both net-zero energy and net-zero carbon emissions by 2031. Culp emphasized the need to consider operational and embodied carbon together with human occupant needs: “Buildings serve a purpose for people, businesses, and industry. They will use energy – we just need to do it efficiently and cleanly. We are really talking net zero energy.” Net zero codes will include both efficiency requirements and renewable energy requirements.

Learn more about energy codes from the free NGA Glass Technical Paper FB74-22 Alignment in US Energy Conservation Codes ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC. For strategies that designers can use to improve the energy performance of building envelopes, download the free NGA Glass Technical Paper FB63-19 Products for Energy Applications.