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Organizers Postpone GPD Finland 2021

The organizing committee of GPD postponed GPD Finland 2021, originally slated to be held as a hybrid event in October, to a tentative date in February or March of 2022. Organizers cited rising infection rates, and the impact of resulting travel restrictions placed by countries, as well as individual companies, as well as increasing safety restrictions at the event venues.  

“Given [these] challenges, we recently sought the opinion of various GPD partners on whether we should hold an online only event or a hybrid event,” say organizers, in a release published to the event website. “To capture the essence of GPD (i.e., meeting face to face and discussing/networking within a comprehensive 2-day conference program with online activities), a majority of our partners prefer the event to be held in hybrid format instead of an online only version.

Based on this feedback, the GPD organizing committee has, regrettably, decided to postpone the 2021 event to the end of February or early March 2022 (exact dates to be confirmed). We hope that the situation will have improved by that time to allow us to hold the event in hybrid format.”

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