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Peerless Products Partners with Talon Wall to Offer High-Rise, Unitized, Factory-Glazed Curtain Wall Systems

Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors announced that the company will enter the high-rise, unitized, factory glazed curtain wall industry. The company is a manufacturer of high-performance aluminum architectural and commercial windows for new construction, replacement, and historical construction.

Peerless officials have considered getting into the curtain wall business for a while, and felt it made sense to partner with Talon Wall to bring an innovative product to the industry. Peerless officials wanted to partner with a company that also manufactured in the U.S. and had a family atmosphere. Peerless Products will be the licensed national manufacturer and distributor for the Talon Wall product outside the Chicago area.

The Talon Wall Curtain Wall system is a fully engineered, unitized, and factory glazed facade system. The Talon Anchor Embed is fast and error proof and accommodates complex geometry in all three axes. Talon Wall is far less complex to fabricate and install than all other competitive systems. Each Talon Wall unit with a built-in anchor has only two components to install on-site—the finished unit and a single piece of floor trim. It installs fast with a third of the crew size.

This partnership is one built out of quality, sustainability, and the needs of customers, say Peerless officials. Kurt LeVan, owner and inventor of Talon Wall, says, "partnering with someone known for unequaled quality and being a home-grown family-owned domestic business aligned right along with my priorities." The partnership allows both companies to have more reach but still provide their current offerings. In an industry struggling with labor shortages, Talon Wall is the perfect facade solution, say officials.

Coby Jones, president of Peerless Products, says, "we are excited to partner with someone who cares as much as we do about quality and innovation."