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Pulp Studio Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Pulp Studio, designers and manufacturers of technically superior decorative glass, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Pulp Studio was founded in 1996 by Lynda and Bernard Lax out of necessity. They couldn’t find a glass fabricator to create custom glass for their new home, so they developed a way to embed decorative paper into glass for their dining room, kitchen, and powder room. Their background in the textile industry and their business acumen and creativity fueled the success of Pulp Studio.

Over the years, Lynda and Bernard pioneered decorative glass for commercial applications and grew their company into a leader and innovator in the glass industry.

Today, Pulp Studio has more than 150 employees whose capabilities include bending, color coating, glass carving, direct-to glass print imaging, chemical strengthening and more. Every project, whether it’s creating glass panels for the Space Needle’s observation deck or printing glass installations for community sculptures, is another opportunity for Pulp Studio to further enrich the idea of glass as an artistic endeavor.

To honor this milestone, and the late Bernard Lax’s legacy, here are a few key highlights from Pulp Studio through the years. 

Achievement Timeline


In its early days, Pulp Studio works in a 3,500 square-foot building with just three employees: Bernard and Lynda Lax, plus Pedro Olmedo, Pulp Studio’s current vice president of production.


Pulp Studio introduces SwitchLite Privacy Glass.


Pulp Studio adds Artwerks division to assist designers in artistic development of their projects and introduces Pintura, the first color sheet glass product on the market with a water-based coating system.


Pulp Studio introduces Chromavision that utilizes high precision fabrics as a substrate for its unique metallic coating and Ombra, which achieves a solar heat gain coefficient superior to that of other insulating glass units.


Pulp Studio buys California Glass Bending as a subsidiary to combine specialty glass and bending under the same roof. The team moves into a 30,000 square-foot facility. 


An additional facility with 8,000 square feet of space is opened.


Pulp Studio opens a new, 150,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility that enables the team to print, bend, and temper glass all under one roof. The $3.5 million-dollar investment includes state-of-the-art machinery that no other U.S. glass fabricating company had in one facility.


Five years after its purchase, Pulp Studio fully integrates California Glass Bending.


Pulp Studio introduces an innovative ultra-thin product called DermaGlass, which weighs considerably less than the industry standard and provides unparalleled durability. 


Already a leader in recycling, Pulp Studio installs a $3-million solar panel and battery storage system taking more of their operations off the grid. The move wins an award for sustainability. Pulp Studio also launches Precision Edge Technology, Vetrite, and doubles daily output capacity of their 150,000-square- foot facility.


The Pulp team loses one of its beloved leaders, Bernard Lax, but celebrates its 25th anniversary with plans to maintain continuity, cutting edge products, unprecedented quality and the highest levels of service, exactly as Bernard would have wanted.