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SCHOTT leads the way for UN International Year of Glass

Schott will be a major sponsor for the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022. The company will join the international community in celebrating glass as a key material in daily life, science and technology.

Schott wants to share its passion for glass, celebrate its contributions to science and technology, and help promote sustainable production in the glass industry. The #glasslovers at Schott have a long history of creating innovative products like ultra-thin flexible glass, glass-ceramics and optical glass. The company has also committed to making significant technical changes to its energy-intense production to become climate neutral by 2030.

“Schott has been passionate about glass for well over a century, and we are pleased to be sponsoring International Year of Glass events. As a company, it is important for us to help bring the international community together in celebrating the important contributions that glass makes to our world,” says Schott CEO Dr. Frank Heinricht.

The company plans to sponsor the National Day of Glass in Washington, DC, to be held April 5-7; and the 26th International Congress on Glass in Berlin, Germany, July 3-8.


Since 1959, the UN has designated International Years in order to bring attention to key issues and to encourage international action to address concerns that have global significance. This year marks the first time the UN has chosen to promote a material, focusing on the important role that glass plays in society. For 2022, glass was chosen because of its contributions to technology and sustainability.