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UN General Assembly Declares 2022 International Year of Glass

The UN General Assembly officially declared 2022 as the International Year of Glass. The International Commission on Glass, the Community of Glass Associations, and ICOM-Glass had submitted the application for glass to be recognized.

The draft resolution was introduced by the representative of Spain, who in her remarks said the basis of the draft was born thousands of years ago in the cradle of civilization when glass was first discovered. “Glass has evolved along with humanity,” she said, highlighting the need to develop technologies that will foster a more sustainable future.

Describing glass as a “biomaterial par excellence,” she said celebrations during the Year of Glass will contribute to the implementation of the sustainable development goals by fostering a fairer and more sustainable future. She closed by urging that the draft be adopted by consensus. 

The Assembly then adopted the draft resolution without a vote, deciding to proclaim 2022 as the International Year of Glass. The Assembly invited all relevant stakeholders to observe the International Year through activities aimed at raising awareness of and directing policy attention to the importance of glass in daily life.

The representative of the United States, explaining his delegation’s position, said he joined consensus but underscored that certain documents referenced in the draft are non-binding and do not create obligations under international law. “The United States does not support calls for technology transfers that are not voluntary,” he said.

“The Year will celebrate the essential role glass has and will continue to have in society,” say representatives of the application, on their website. “It will underline the technological, scientific and economic importance of this often unseen transparent and enabling material which underpins so many technologies and which can facilitate the development of more just and sustainable societies to meet the challenges of globalization. It is also an important medium for art and its history is integral with that of humankind."

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