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Vitro Architectural Glass Publishes New Glass Catalog

Vitro Architectural Glass published its largest-ever and most comprehensive glass catalog. The 40-page booklet was designed and written with input from a panel of architects.

The catalog, which for the first time reflects the Vitro Glass’ new corporate logo and branding, delivers expanded detail on low iron glass products such as Starphire Ultra-Clear and Acuity glasses, along with information about the benefits of working with members of the Vitro Certified Network of glass fabricators. Other highlighted Vitro Glass products include Solarban and Sungate low-emissivity glasses, Vistacool and Solarcool reflective glasses, and ever-popular blue, green, gray and bronze performance-tinted products.

The booklet also features sections devoted to sustainability and LEED certification, as well as glass and energy management, glass design resources, and other technical and educational content. Four full pages of performance data—including visible light transmittance, solar heat gain coefficient, reflectance and U-values—are provided for almost every conceivable combination of Vitro glass products.

Nathan McKenna, segment marketing manager, Vitro Architectural Glass, says that while architects increasingly research, evaluate and specify glass products online, there is still genuine demand for printed catalogs. “It has been a number of years since we updated and published a catalog, but we decided to produce one based on the feedback we received from the industry,” he says. “Architects consistently tell us there’s a place for printed literature that showcases beautiful photography and provides informative content. We’ve worked very hard to fulfill both demands with this brochure.”