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Antimicrobial Hardware

Antimicrobial door hardware

T-Concepts Solutions, Inc. (TCS) has launched an antimicrobial door hardware solution for the commercial industry that is EPA registered, in partnership with Microban International, Ltd. It includes antimicrobial technology built-in to all custom matte black handles, offered at no additional cost to the consumer. T-Concepts Solutions door handles with built-in MicrobanÒ antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth and reproduction of odor, stain, and degradation-causing bacteria. Unlike disinfectants, which provide limited residual activity, integrated antimicrobial technology helps to fight against the growth and survival of such bacteria on surfaces on a treated product throughout its expected lifecycle. MicrobanÒ antimicrobial technology is currently part of the T-Concepts Solutions’ in-house, powder-coating manufacturing process for its custom matte black, locking and non-locking ladder pulls.