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CRL DRX™ Modular Door Rail

a view of the component parts of a standard door rail that make up the DRX Modular Door Rail System from CRL 


The DRX Modular Door Rail System for glass entrances is an industry-first, dry-glaze door rail solution designed to deliver maximum flexibility and customization without manufacturer lead times. The patented, modular system deconstructs a standard door rail into component parts that can be stocked, giving glass professionals the freedom to choose when, where, and how door rails are installed and adjusted. 


Because of its modular approach, the DRX system offers multiple advantages to glass temperers and glazing installers alike, from streamlined production schedules to faster project completion times. A superior glass clamping mechanism can withstand a pull force test of up to 1300 pounds. Additional advantages include:  

  • Allows +/- 2 degrees of angle adjustment for precise alignment 

  • Rail bodies come prepped for floor locks and Blumcraft® panic handles 

  • 3/16" of side-to-side adjustment in either direction 

  • Side covers can be slid on or replaced without removing the door from the pivot