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Window wall system

Window wall system rendering

Tubelite's 950SG Series Therml=Block Window Wall system is a four-side, structural sealant glazed (SSG) window wall that provides a thermally broken, aluminum framing solution for between-slab horizontal spans on commercial buildings. The system's dual-strut ultra-thermal barrier contributes to high-performance, energy-efficient building envelopes. A vertical, extruded silicone gasket eliminates the need for an exterior-applied wet seal, and a single-piece anti-buckling clip simplifies installation. It's 2.25-inch-wide thermal framing has a system depth of six inches. Extrusion and brake metal options are offered for integrated slab edge covers. Three sill variations are available as 3.25-inch standard, 2.25-inch low-profile and SSG with no exposed metal. The system also has been successfully tested to meet industry standards for acoustic, air, water and structural performance.