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Where do we want to be when this pandemic is over? From Nataline Lomedico

During a video conference with staff, Giroux Glass CEO Nataline Lomedico asked employees to communicate, collaborate and prepare for what comes next, after COVID-19. “We Really need to stay focused on where we want to be when this pandemic is over. And when we get there, we will have our plan ready and we will be off and running,” she said. “During trying times, please keep focused. This is temporary. We will get through it, and we will get through it together.”

Lomedico emphasized that communication is key during difficult times. “Reach out to each other as much as possible. We need to do whatever we can to stay connected,” she said.

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Katy Devlin

Katy Devlin

Katy Devlin is content director for the National Glass Association and editor in chief of Glass Magazine. E-mail Katy at