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Architecture After COVID

Green building and occupant wellness shape post-pandemic commercial building.

Companies Launch New Online Tools during COVID

Pilkington UK, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope and Laurier Architectural Services are some of the businesses that have released online tools in recent months to make information more accessible to online traffic and potential customers.

What to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers guidelines for companies that face suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Macroeconomic Rebound in Focus

The shape of the macroeconomic rebound is coming into focus as 2020 nears its end, said Connor Lokar, ITR Economics, during the GlassBuild Connect presentation on Sept. 8.  Lokar, who described “macroeconomic carnage” during the July NGA Glass Conference, painted a picture of the shaky economic…

Managing Business Metrics During a Pandemic

Even during the economic uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, business owners must continue to track key performance metrics to ensure their companies are operating in a profitable manner. Owners that sit idle are at biggest threat during the pandemic. Here are 4 points to consider.

Economic Update: Recovery is underway, but expect a slow return to normal

Leading indicators of the health of the commercial construction market shows it is still struggling amid the coronavirus-induced pandemic and has a long, potentially tumultuous, road to recovery.

FGIA Virtual Conference Highlights Leadership, Manufacturing and Management during COVID-19

The Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance hosted its Virtual Summer Conference June 23-25. A major focus of the content was challenges facing companies in the COVID-19 world. The event featured a panel about manufacturing during coronavirus, a session about financial relief programs and a…

Adelio Lattuada Starts to Reopen

Officials at Adelio Lattuada announced on the company website that they will begin the process of reopening the company.

Float Glass Faces Economic Strain: What We’re Watching

Along with the rest of the glass industry, float glass manufacturing has felt the effects of COVID-19, from supply chain issues, to potential closures due to state stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders.

MI Windows Closes Two Milgard Production Facilities

MI Windows and Doors plans to close the Milgard manufacturing facilities in Aurora, Colorado, and Grand Prairie, Texas, over the next few weeks in response to the weakened economic conditions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a release from the company.

How to Leverage Instagram and LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

Marketers are tasked with finding new ways to get in front of potential customers and communicating messages that resonate. And, with people remaining home under coronavirus-induced shelter-in-place orders, organic reach is incredible right now. More people than ever are online and the time is ripe…

Glaston Production Facilities Maintain Full Operation

Despite conditions caused by COVID-19, all Glaston production facilities in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and China have successfully maintained operations, say company officials.

USO Receives Donation from the Friese Foundation for COVID-19 Response

The Friese Foundation donated $100,000 to the USO. The donation, which comes during the COVID-19 pandemic, is meant help the organization to continue its mission of providing service members and their families with essential resources and services.

Project Management: 7 Considerations for Glaziers Going Digital

Conversations surrounding automation and digitization have been ongoing in the glazing industry, and in construction in general, for quite a while. The COVID-19 pandemic could add urgency to this conversation, especially with regards the safety concerns for workers in the field.

Need Emergency Financing Due to COVID-19?

The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has hit many glass companies hard. During an NGA webinar, April 22 at 1 p.m. ET, financial expert Marco Terry will help owners navigate financing options to help businesses today, tomorrow and once the crisis has passed.  

HHH Tempering Resources Releases Service Update

HHH Tempering Resources released an update on ongoing services, on its website. HHH is designated an essential business by Washington and Pennsylvania, according to the announcement.

Tracker Follows Impact of COVID-19 on Contractors

The Farnsworth Group and Home Improvement Research Institute partnered to provide manufacturers and retailers with updates about COVID-19's impact on the home improvement industry.

Embracing Virtual Sales During COVID-19

As people continue to shelter in place and want to explore home improvement projects, fenestration companies adapt and take measures to keep employees and customers safe.

Do Your Employees Qualify for Paid Leave Due to COVID-19?

To help employees determine when they qualify for paid leave, the NGA has developed a fact sheet that you can distribute to a company’s workforce.

Contracts 101 for Glaziers Amid COVID-19 and Worksite Closures

In this time of COVID-19 and worksite closures, it is more important than ever for glazing contractors to understand contractual obligations. The National Glass Association announced a new resource that provides the questions contractors need to ask about existing contracts.

NGA Announces April 22 Webinar, 'All about SBA Loans'

In an upcoming April 22 webinar from the National Glass Association, financial expert Marco Terry will provide insights on emergency financing options for companies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Associated General Contractors Stages National Safety Stand Down

The Associated General Contractors staged a national safety stand down, involving 31,000 workers, according to AGC and reported in Engineering News-Record.

SageGlass Employees Return to Work

SageGlass employees will return to work at the company’s Faribault, Minnesota, plant after spending four weeks at home, as reported on

COVID-19 Economic Update: “No Question” US Is in a Recession

March data paints a grim picture that caused several industry economists to declare the U.S. is in a recession. “We are in recession, full-stop, no question about it,” says Richard Branch, chief economist, Dodge Data & Analytics.

American Institute of Architects Creates Database of COVID-19 Building Projects

The American Institute of Architects, partnering with Kansas University Institute of Health + Wellness Design, created a COVID-19 ArchMap, an infographic database providing information about healthcare facilities responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LiteSentry Team Available to Customers during Pandemic

LiteSentry officials report their team is available as they work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Binswanger Glass Produces Intubation Boxes for Front-Line Healthcare Workers

Binswanger Glass is producing intubation boxes for hospital Intensive Care Units, to aid in the battle against COVID-19, say company officials.

Managing Stress and the Importance of Taking Care of You, from Bill Sullivan

The added stress tolls on companies and individuals throughout the uncertainty of an ongoing pandemic are vast and varied. Bill Sullivan of Brin Glass recognizes that practicing self-rescue first before helping others is critical in coping with the added stress impacts on his business and at home.

FHC Supplies Protective Guards, PPE

Frameless Hardware Co. is manufacturing free-standing glass guards, which do not require mounting holes.

Same Work, Different Office-mates

As we all are dealing with the unknown of Covid-19 we are also dealing with the unfamiliarity of our current working situation. I think we can all say it is not as easy or fun as it may seem. It is even harder when you may have your kids, spouse or roommates home with you. 

CARES Act: Small Business Loan Options

To assist businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, there are two intriguing Small Business Administration loan programs that are part of the new CARES Act signed into law on March 27, 2020.

Maintaining Value-Add Capabilities Amid the Disruptions, from Alan Kinder

Alan Kinder, architectural design manager at Guardian Glass, makes the case that now, more than ever, companies must deliver positive impact and bring value to customers.

Binswanger Glass Installs Glass Guards for Essential Businesses

Binswanger Glass is installing temporary glass sneeze guards in several business in Topeka, Lawrence and Manhattan, Kansas, according to reporting on

Co-operation Negotiations in Glaston's Finnish Units End

Glaston’s co-operation negotiations concerning temporary layoffs in the company’s units in Finland have ended, according to a company release.

Dodge Momentum Index Eases Back in March

The Dodge Momentum Index declined by a scant 0.6 percent in March to 146.5 (2000=100) from the revised February reading of 147.4. 

The New Normal of Business During COVID-19, from Brad Thurman

Brad Thurman of GGI discusses fundamentals in the “new normal” of conducting business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Map of Essential Construction Mandates

Architect Magazine developed a state tracker, breaking down which states deem construction as essential, non-essential, or do not provide any current guidance.

Unity in the glass industry during COVID-19, from Alan McLenaghan

SageGlass CEO Alan McLenaghan provided an update on the company’s status and operations during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and offered insights on the industry’s strength and collaboration.

Constructconnect Map Shows Which States Classify Construction as Essential

Constructconnect created an interactive map of the U.S. that shows the status of construction of construction activity in each area, given state, city and county measures to close nonessential businesses.

Where do we want to be when this pandemic is over? From Nataline Lomedico

During a video conference with staff, Giroux Glass CEO Nataline Lomedico asked employees to communicate, collaborate and prepare for what comes next, after COVID-19.

SBA Issues Guidance on COVID-19 Financial Relief

The U.S. Small Business Administration developed guidelines to help companies seeking financial assistance in the wake of COVID-19.

Train, Plan and Communicate during COVID-19, from Tim Finley

Tim Finley of TFin Building Solutions says glass companies should use the unexpected downtime during the coronavirus pandemic to train workers, preview processes, reach out to customers and more.

Americans With Disabilities Act: What are employer obligations during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, requires that employers make reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities, unless it creates undue hardship. This will have implications for employers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Meaning of Essential

Obviously, we all have felt what we do is essential and that we provide an incredible and very important building product. However, for years we had always been beaten down either in the codes or by random glass bashing articles. Now during this time of crisis we get our answer and in a majority of…

10 Tips for Installers During the Coronavirus Crisis

While we are all at home, keep your company in the spotlight and keep people interested in windows and doors. Winning orders is perfectly possible, even though installation is unlikely to take place for a number of months.

First Look at the CARES Act

The Cares Act economic provisions include broad assistance and incentives to shore-up businesses and institutions impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Invest in Your Brand and Your People During COVID-19, from Keith Daubmann

My Shower Door’s Keith Daubmann says his company is investing in its brand and its people during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company continues to pay its workers and is focused on training.

President Trump Signs Stimulus Package into Law

President Trump signed into law the $2 trillion stimulus package, which was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, March 27, as reported in the New York Times. The measure was approved unanimously by the Senate on Wednesday.

New York Classifies Some Construction as Nonessential, Halts Projects

As of Friday, March 27, some construction work in New York will be deemed nonessential, based on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s remarks on WNYC radio, reported in the New York Times.

Staying Safe and Operational during COVID-19, from Syndi Sim

DFI's Syndi Sim offers insights on changes at the company that protect employees while allowing orders to be fulfilled during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Protect Your Business Finances from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Four strategies for glass company owners to handle this situation and limit the financial damage to their business.

Minnesota-based Erdman Automation Will Remain Open to Provide Essential Services

Leadership at Erdman Automation issued a statement.  

MY Shower Door / D3 Glass Manufactures Protective Guards in Response to COVID-19

Amid deep safety and health concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, Southwest Florida-based MY Shower Door / D3 Glass is building glass health guards that can protect businesses, their employees and the community, say company officials.

Keep in Touch During the COVID-19 Crisis, from Max Perilstein

During tough times, it's critical to keep in touch with your networks, says Max Perilstein of Sole Source Consulting. Share resources, experiences and more.

Infograph Breaks Down State-by-State COVID-19 Policies

Politico released a guide to the current policies put in place in all 50 states to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Ontario and Quebec Temporarily Close Non-essential Businesses

Canada’s provinces of Ontario and Quebec ordered non-essential businesses to close as of Tuesday, March 24, as reported by AP News.

Cricursa Donates Protective Gear to Local Hospital

Cricursa is donating protective gear to healthcare workers at the nearby Granollers General Hospital, in Barcelona, Spain. The hospital has made an urgent call for materials.

Don’s Mobile Glass Remains Open as Essential Business

Officials from Don’s Mobile Glass issued a letter to customers regarding the company’s operations during COVID-19, noting the company will remain open as an essential business.

Navigating Uncertainty

In the glass industry, we are directly tied to infrastructural spending and investment which means that if people are nervous about the future, they keep their cash close and hunker down to weather whatever comes their way. Fortunately, this has been far from the case over the past decade with most…

Glaston Initiates Employee Cooperation Negotiations Regarding Temporary Layoffs in Finland

Glaston Corp. initiated employee cooperation negotiations regarding possible temporary layoffs in its Finnish units. The potential layoffs concern all employees in Finland, approximately 180 people, say company officials.

Bringing Calm to Customers during COVID-19, from Chris Phillips

Glass installers who are working in customers’ homes during the coronavirus outbreak have an opportunity to bring a sense of calm through professionalism and quality workmanship, says Chris Phillips of Showcase Shower Door.

AGC Reports Construction Delays for Member Companies

A survey conducted by the Associated General Contractors, and reported in Engineering News-Record, shows that 28 percent of the Association’s members have stopped or delayed construction projects amid COVID-19 concerns.

OSHA Issues Guidance for Employers Recording Workplace Exposure to COVID-19

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration issued guidance for employers recording workplace exposures to COVID-19.

GGI Provides Update on COVID-19 Precautions

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brad Thurman, vice president – sales and marketing, fabricated glass, at GGI issued a statement on behalf of the company.

Motivating Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis, From Dustin Anderson

How can glass companies keep employees motivated and engaged in the face of the coronavirus outbreak? Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass in Waco, Texas, offers his #glazier perspective.

Building Trades Employers Association Calls for Mayor de Blasio to Keep Construction Sites Open

The largest construction contractor association in New York City is calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to follow the lead of other major cities like Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and the State of New York in defining construction as an essential service and exempting the industry from work…

M3 Glass Implements Precautions, Social Distancing in Response to COVID-19

Leadership at M3 Glass responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with a prepared statement.

Industry Perspective: How can glass companies pivot during the time of coronavirus? From Dustin Anderson

When the phones stop ringing due to coronavirus, what can companies do to pivot and diversify? Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass in Waco, Texas, offers a glazier perspective on finding new business during the crisis.

Industry Perspective: The Business Impact of Coronavirus, from Dustin Anderson

Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass in Waco, Texas, offers a glazier perspective on the business impacts of the current coronavirus health and economic crisis. Anderson will be posting regular videos discussing the impact of coronavirus on business and sharing ideas about how companies can best…

COVID-19 Coverage from Glass Magazine

Glass Magazine is dedicated to covering the constantly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects our industry. This is your hub for all related articles and news briefs. Find information from industry sources, the latest updates on events affected by COVID-19 and original reporting from Glass…

Industry Companies Adjust Policies, Schedules in Response to Coronavirus

In response to the conronavirus outbreak in the U.S., businesses—including those in the glass industry—have been tasked with changing the way they operate to ensure safety and health of employees and customers.  

Soft Tech Implements Response to COVID-19

Soft Tech leadership has implemented precautionary measures in response to COVID-19, including asking staff to work from home.

How Will Coronavirus Affect Manufacturing and Construction?

Now that cases of coronavirus have increased across the country, and cities and states have instituted more extreme measures to control the spread, the construction and manufacturing sectors could be in for more serious disruptions. Some reports from across the industry:

Mid-Atlantic Glass Association Postpones Glass Expo 2020

The Mid-Atlantic Glass Association postponed Glass Expo 2020, scheduled to be held April 29.

C.R. Laurence Alters Will Call Service Practices Until March 30

C.R. Laurence altered its Will Call service practices until March 30, according to a statement released by the company. The statement cited concern for the health and welfare of employees, and the guidance on the enhanced guidance from authorities on social distancing.

OBO Reschedules Industry Day Due to COVID-19

The Bureau of Overseas Building Operations rescheduled its Industry Day from April 9 to July 17, due to the emergency declarations following the COVID-19 outbreak.

American Institute of Architects Postpones AIA Conference on Architecture 2020

The American Institute of Architects postponed the AIA Conference on Architecture 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The conference was originally scheduled to be held May 14-16 in Los Angeles.