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Positive Report

I am known for my very bad sports predictions (the fact I got the Super Bowl teams right this year notwithstanding) but I am usually pretty confident with my industry and forecast prognostications. Last week here I predicted an uptick on the Architectural Billings Index. Everything I was seeing was pointing that way and I went cautious predicting a slight jump to 46/47. Welp… I was wrong. But, not like you would think―the ABI came in at a stunning 53.3! The score of 50 is the break even and so this score not only shot past that but did so for the first time since this pandemic began. New project inquiries also went through the roof, posting a 61.2 and new contracts posted a nice 51.6. All in all, a super report.

Now the key is making this the trend and not an outlier. There’s been a ton of pent-up demand and starts have been off etc., so this was due and now we have to see if it can be sustained. But in a world that seemingly is constantly giving us bad news, this is a good turn, and I am pleased I was somewhat “wrong” here! Keep plugging along everyone, we have a long road ahead of us still but this sure was nice to see.


Binswanger's Rick Butcher Retires

Huge retirement in our industry with Rick Butcher hanging them up after more than 40 years at Binswanger Glass. Rick is a Texas legend; a tremendous man and one of the most talented and classy leaders I have ever worked for and with. Rick, have a great retirement my friend. You deserved it and the industry and the Texas markets you served will surely miss you!

March/April Glass Magazine

Time for the latest Glass Magazine review. This was the Top Fabricator issue, and I have been blown away on how many people checked out the Dan Pompeo inspired feature on Randy Steinberg of Glasswerks. That is very cool. The rest of the issue is a monster with a ton of great content on the Top Glass Fabricators and the markets they serve. Plus, Katy Devlin’s Top 5 Decorative Glass Trends to Watch were absolutely on point. Great issue once again!

Ad of the Month

The Ad of the Month again was hotly contested with Vitro coming out on top. Rob Struble nails it again with a sleek ad that honestly is like nothing I have seen before in our industry. The color, font, and messaging just delivered. Tremendous work by Rob and the team there to create a stunner. See the ad on the back cover and the entire awesome edition online here.

Ubiquitous Energy Secures Funding

Good news for a company I see big things coming from… Ubiquitous Energy has a very impressive product approach and they recently picked up some very healthy funding to keep their processes rolling. As you may know I love innovation and glass and this is a company that has something is very special. Happy to see them get some good news!

BEC Presents Until April 9

Friendly reminder… you have until April 9th to check out the episodes in BEC PRESENTS for free here. The content is unreal. The detail from the code experts (Episode name “Decoded”) given in such a short period of time is insanely valuable. Also, if you don’t believe me, then read what marketing savant Rich Porayko thought here.

Operation Varsity Blues

Last this week… documentary recommendation. Check out “Operation Varsity Blues” on Netflix. It is about the big college admissions scandal from a couple of years ago. Very well-done doc and the whole process of the way colleges work will really get you fired up. This doc has plenty of bad actors in it from the scammers, to the parents, to the schools and so on. Absolutely unreal what “status” means and what people will do to attain it. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at