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Glass doors

Edge Affinity Plus doors

The Edge Affinity Plus doors by PurOptima feature high-quality perimeter seals for sound reduction. With single glazing, the doors can attain a maximum Rw39dB/STC 40, while double glazing elevates the rating to Rw43dB/STC 44.

The Edge Affinity Plus door series includes head-mounted and concealed door closure mechanisms. Crafted with a 3.07-inch wide stile on the leading edge, with 2.59-inch visible from the corridor when closed, the Edge Affinity Plus doors offer versatility to accommodate various locking mechanisms including deadlocks, sash locks, or latches. Available in single or paired configurations, with a maximum height of 118.11-inches, these doors cater to diverse workspace requirements.

The Edge Affinity Plus doors integrate Hydro CIRCAL aluminum into each product. This recycled aluminum, with the lowest documented embodied carbon on the market, now delivers a reduced carbon footprint of 1.9 kg of CO2e/kg aluminum, down from the previous 2.3 kg of CO2e/kg.

PurOptima's collaboration with local project delivery partners ensures that aluminum doors are fabricated locally, while all glass is sourced from American fabricators, often local to each project. 

The Edge Affinity Plus glass doors are fully tested for acoustic performance and certified by third-party assessors.