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Hartung Offers Diamon-Fusion® Glass Coating

a photo on the right shows shower glass treated with diamon-fusion glass protection with minimal condensation compared with a photo on the left of untreated shower glass obscured by water droplets and condensation


Hartung Glass Industries is pleased to offer Diamon-Fusion® low-maintenance coating on our line of shower doors, glass railings, and much more. The coating chemically bonds to the glass, providing unique value-added features to any surface by reducing cleaning time and protecting against hard water stains. 


Available at Hartung and Agalite locations, the Diamon-Fusion® coating is applied through our new automated equipment, so customers get a high-quality coating with a great warranty. 


Be sure to contact a Hartung or Agalite sales representative and see how Diamon-Fusion® can add more value to your glass and protect it for years.