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Be a 2024 Top Glass Fabricator

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Visitor center with floor-to-ceiling glass walls

The Top Glass Fabricators report is a comprehensive industry ranking and market report. Make sure your company is part of the report and complete your survey by the deadline Jan. 23. Contact Norah Dick, Associate Editor, with questions.

Complete the 2024 survey

    Is your company eligible?

    Companies eligible for the report:

    • Fabricate glass
    • Sell to contract glaziers in North America (you do not have to be headquartered in the U.S., but must sell to the North American market)
    • Have 2023 gross sales of at least $5 million USD

    Recommendations for completing the survey

    • If you completed the 2023 survey (last year) email Norah Dick, for a copy of the survey to use as reference.
    • Use an incognito window of your browser to complete the 2024 survey (so information is not cached)
    • You cannot save your survey progress, so make sure you have this information on hand:
      • 2023 gross sales information for fabricated glass in the North American market
      • A list of manufacturing locations for your company (companies that completed the survey last year do not have to complete this information again)

    Don't have time now? Get a reminder

    Download and schedule a calendar reminder to fill out the survey by Jan. 23 using the following platforms: