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March 2024

Q + A with Viracon | At the Forefront of Transformative Solutions

Creative thinking, adoption of innovative technologies and processes, and a commitment to quality and sustainability set Viracon apart and position it for long-term success.

Product Solution | Patio Inowa

Roto Patio Inowa is a premium hardware system that offers innovative technology, concealed design and unparalleled performance.

Glass Can Do That

Glass is a multi-functional building product that meets performance, life-safety and aesthetic goals. See all that glass can do in this interactive chart.

Architect’s Guide to Glass Sustainability

A closer look at embodied carbon, performance considerations, retrofits and recyclability.

Recruiting Young Talent in the Glass Industry

How glass companies and schools are working together for workforce development.

Considering Fenestration Finishes

Design-driven, high-performance paint and coating solutions for aluminum architectural products.

Next-Level Curtain Wall Performance Solutions

High-performance fenestration systems include low-conductivity pressure plate systems to help meet energy code needs.

Taking Aim at Sustainability with Commercial Vinyl

As vinyl options for commercial glass and glazing applications mature, they offer performance in demanding applications and sustainability for architects.

Tackling the Industry’s Biggest Challenge: Labor

As part of its new workforce development initiative, NGA has developed a free downloadable guide for companies: A Guide to Recruiting at High School Career Fairs. This how-to guide is available in the NGA store, along with stickers and postcards designed to attract student attention to the trade. 

Destigmatizing Mental Health Discussions

Construction workers have the second highest suicide rate of any industry, and five times more people die of suicide in construction than other construction occupational fatalities combined. GlassBuild America's Main Stage welcomed a panel of experts in mental health to discuss the state of mental…