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Steve Schohan

Steve Schohan

Steve Schohan is marketing and communications manager at YKK AP America, where he develops marketing strategies and leads research efforts on emerging markets and trends, with an emphasis on driving industry product evolution and innovation. Schohan has more than 25 years of experience in the construction, home improvement, retail, and consumer products industries.

The Importance of Making an Entrance

Commercial entrance systems present an opportunity to enhance a building’s aesthetic and energy-saving properties when the design and installation is carefully considered. Those selecting systems should consider thermal performance, the best aesthetics for the amount of foot traffic, and ensuring…

Rethinking the Norm: 3 Ways to Specify the Right Facade System

Most of us have preconceived notions about which facades category is appropriate for our project, and if I’m really being honest, we all share what I like to call “tribal knowledge” that dictates our criteria for selection, be it the most economical option, a certain aesthetic, or even the basic…

A Turning Point

While the last few years have seen major ebbs and flows, 2022 marked a return to energy and investing in community. This renewal accompanied an increased interest in innovating technologies and connecting through digital tools.

As Unitization Expands, Architects Specify New Infill Materials

Unitization and shop-glazing allows suppliers to ensure quality while providing shorter lead times. Recent trends in unitization have seen greater application on different size projects, as well as the incorporation of different systems, and building materials.

Everything’s Better with Daylight

Everything is better with daylight. While that may sound cliché, according to the Department of Energy, daylighting is a key building strategy that can save money for businesses. Many factors go into creating the right daylighting—the type of window, window placement, and interior design all help…

Making Sustainability and Resilience Part of Your Business

Sustainability and resiliency are two key words we often hear in the industry. But this summer seems to have made these topics more top of mind than ever.

Expansion in the Age of COVID-19

It’s hard to believe that we are here… March 2021. A full year into the pandemic that changed the world in one way or another for all of us. It has been a year of ups and downs. One of resilience and silver linings.

2020: A Point of Reflection

The pandemic has shifted our personal and professional lives in ways we could have never predicted. And yet as I think about the tremendous challenges we have faced, I also take heart in how our industry has pivoted to adapt and create more opportunities during such an unprecedented time.

The Future of Labor in the Glazing Industry

Gone are the days when shop-glazed projects were only for large-scale buildings in big cities. Contractors are becoming more adept in prefabrication techniques, particularly for healthcare facilities, hospitality and multifamily projects, college buildings and dormitories, and residential.

Every Building Tells a Story

In our industry, it is easy to get bogged down in the details, and with good reason. The right cuts, sealants used and installation processes can make or break a job. We live in a world where every detail and measurement is critical to the success of a project. But if we take the time to step back…