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William Green

William Green

Technoform’s William Green works with customers to help them develop industry-leading, high-performance products to meet energy performance needs and sustainability goals. He can be reached at

Tested Performance

Reviewing the performance data and test reports for metal cladding attachment elements will help ensure commercial wall systems will achieve the desired results. To support code compliance and to reduce your risk, check what test reports are available and how they meet the project’s unique needs.

Condensation and Cladding Attachments

The more moisture that’s present in the air infiltrating a wall system by thermal bridging, the more condensation occurs. If moisture accumulates as result of the condensation, it can negatively affect other materials inside the wall cavity.

Want energy savings? Don’t forget the cladding attachments

Most of us in the glazing industry understand that to meet model energy codes’ increasingly stringent requirements and to achieve their intended energy savings, we need buildings with high-performance fenestration and façade systems. Focusing on the glass, we sometimes overlook the importance that…