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April 2022

Great Glazing | Central Subway – Union Square Market Street Station

The newly designed Central Subway Station in San Francisco features a fire-rated glass floor on the surface of Union Square.

Solution: Sun Control and All-Season Window Films from NGS

NGS provides sun control window films that increase energy efficiency, optimize heat gain, improve occupant comfort, prevent interior fading and more. 

Flat Glass Recycling

It’s possible, it’s profitable, and it’s necessary to achieve energy efficiency targets in glass manufacturing.

Protection for Glass During Construction

To minimize risk of damage and to ensure glass is intact for the final builders’ clean, it needs to be protected on the jobsite.

Testing in the Specs

Project specifications are tools just as important as any hammer, saw or driver. But as important as they may be to building a project, specifications are equally important risk management and money-saving tools.

All About Glass & Metals: Maximize Daylight, Minimize Discomfort and Glare

Views through windows can stimulate the well-being and productivity of building occupants. With careful design and daylighting controls, daylighting can also substantially reduce lighting energy use.

All About Glass & Metals: New IGU Technologies for Carbon Reduction and Zero Net Energy

The last year has witnessed increasingly ambitious plans to meet carbon-neutral, net-zero goals in the next several decades. To reduce carbon emissions and meet these benchmarks, the building sector must be addressed.

All About Glass & Metals: The Importance of Thermal Bridging

For fenestration assemblies, the potential for thermal bridges may occur where the window framing meets the surrounding wall. An excerpt from Thermal Bridging Considerations at Interface Conditions Design Guide, available for download in the NGA Store.

All About Glass & Metals: The High-Performance Façade Equation

Glass Magazine’s 2022 All About Glass & Metals: Guide for Architects takes a closer look at three essential elements to the high-performance façade equation.

Versatility in Design and Wellness with Decorative Glass

Decorative glass can fulfill a multitude of roles, providing stylish and eye-catching designs as well as enhanced safety, energy efficiency, even protection for birds who might mistake clear glass for open sky. 

Time to Re-focus

As the fenestration industry works through production backlogs, satisfying demand means more than simply getting orders out the door.

Glass Can Save the World

While the sentiment may seem audacious, it’s also true.