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January/February 2022

Top 10 Takeaways from the 2022 Forecast

U.S. economic recovery continues, clouded by labor, supply and inflation challenges. Highlights from the latest construction forecasts.

2022 Prediction Time

After a one-week delay, my fearless predictions for 2022 are here. They range from forecasts about glass dominance as a building material, trends in IG units, and some ideas about our economic landscape. Let's go!

Manage Risks with Mockups

Test performance, identify design concerns and align expectations before construction begins.

What Comes After the Champlain Tower Collapse?

As changes following the Champlain Towers collapse are considered, other changes to our building codes should also be considered. Should post‐occupancy inspections of buildings include windows?

4 Things Standing in the Way of Daylighting and Views

From the consequences of not designing for occupant health to communicating the payback to building owners.

Communicate the Benefits of Daylighting

Use the enormous body of knowledge about daylighting to demonstrate how modern architectural glass products can achieve common benefits for building designers and owners.

World of Glass 2021 Report

Primary glass market faces continued supply challenges, while manufacturers push for better performance, improved efficiency.

The Importance of Designing for Our (Un)natural Habitat

An excerpt from Lisa Heschong’s book, “Visual Delight in Architecture.”

Views + Daylight

Leading industry voices discuss the role of natural light and views on human health and performance, and the essential role of glass in daylighting design. Plus, NGA resources, including a webinar on the use of glass in biophilic design. 

2022 Crystal Ball

In early December, I sat down with my friend, the famous From the Fabricator blogger/podcaster and head of Sole Source Consultants, Max Perilstein. We took out the 2022 crystal ball and chatted through our projections for the industry in the new year.

Are you a Top Glass Fabricator?

The Top Glass Fabricators report is a comprehensive industry ranking and market report. Make sure your company is part of this editorial feature and complete your survey by the deadline Jan. 14. Contact Norah Dick, Associate Editor, at with questions.

Glazier jobsite photos

Glaziers tackle incredible challenges with a remarkable building material, sometimes at extraordinary heights. We asked glaziers to submit jobsite photos and selfies to be included on this wall, and they responded with amazing work!

Why Glazing? Two Glaziers Give Their Reasons

October is Careers in Construction Month, an initiative designed to increase public awareness of construction careers. To spotlight glass industry professionals, NGA staff spoke with two glaziers about what they love about the job. Here’s what they said.

6 Reasons to Love Architectural Glass

Among structural materials, glass is worthy of our admiration, with many properties that make it uniquely suited to enhance the beauty, design and performance of buildings. It benefits people; it benefits the environment.