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March 2023

Product Solution | PriWatt Glass Solutions for Health Care Buildings by Smart Glass Technologies

One tool that can help enhance safety and privacy measures and speed up daily operations is Smart Glass Technologies’ PriWatt Switchable Privacy Smart Glass, which ensures “privacy on demand” and has been used in numerous healthcare installations.

An Interview with Bruno Biasiotta

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope’s new CEO sheds light on company strategy, opportunities in energy efficiency and more.

BEC Conference 2023 Targets Business Challenges and Workforce Issues

Glass industry professionals came together in Las Vegas to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BEC Conference this month. With a look back at the remarkable advancements in glass during the previous 25 years, more than 680 attendees brought an amazing amount of energy to discussions on complex…

BEC Conference 2023: Reflection on the Industry with a Focus on the Future

The 25th anniversary edition of BEC Conference kicked off this week, featuring educational panels on take-home strategies for glass businesses, updates on new facade trends, explanation of code changes and much more.

NGA Publishes GANA Glazing Manual, International Year of Glass Edition

Recognized as the definitive source of information in the glass and glazing industry, the manual describes primary and fabricated glass products, quality standards, design considerations, general and specific glazing guidelines and glazing in hazardous locations.

Downturn Risk Management

Risk comes with any business and is present in all business cycles. It is essential to remember that investments in contracts, insurance, employee management and quality can provide their most value during downturns.

Which Customers Qualify for Net-30 Terms?

Recessions increase the number of net-30 on invoices that turn into bad debt, but a simple method can catch them before they become a cash flow problem.

An Unbelievable 25 Years

At the 25th anniversary of the BEC Conference in Las Vegas this month, we celebrate the remarkable advancements in glass during the previous 25 years, and we look ahead at what the next 25 might hold.

Next-Gen Glass Can Save Billions in Energy Costs

High-performance glazing on the agenda at Glass & Glazing Advocacy Days.

Next-Level Performance

The latest technology from the glass industry: thermal products, including improved IGUs, vacuum insulating glass and thin-glass solutions; dynamic glass and building-integrated photovoltaics, which can provide on-site energy generation. Part of the series All About Glass & Metals.

Health + Safety

How glass improves lives for building occupants, contributing to human health and safety where people live, work, heal and play. With resources from the National Glass Association.

NGA Congratulates Award Winners

At the NGA Glass Conference: Miramar Beach, NGA recognized Tim Moore of W.A. Wilson with the C. Gregory Carney Award and five other industry members with Volunteer Appreciation Awards during the Volunteer Celebration Dinner. 

Wellness and Sustainability Lead Conversations at NGA Glass Conference: Miramar Beach

As the International Year of Glass 2022 wrapped up, industry technical leaders at NGA Glass Conference: Miramar Beach in Miramar Beach, Florida, focused on the years ahead with two themes: advocacy for architectural glass as a sustainable material and the many ways it enhances occupant experience.

What You Need to Know About Corrosion and Aluminum

Warranties for architectural aluminum products will mention factors related to the finish, but not the potential for the metal to corrode. It's important to understand how aluminum can corrode, how to prevent it, and what to think about when selecting a finish.

Behind the Scenes of Pulp Studio's History Channel Feature

An interview with Pulp Studio COO Kirk Johnson about the company's recent feature on the series "More Power": how the episode came to be, what the hosts thought of the factory and how the episode has helped not only boost employee morale, but hopes to help the industry as a whole.