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Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello

Rachel Vitello is the Assistant Editor & Researcher for Glass Magazine and Window + Door. 

Behind the Scenes of Pulp Studio's History Channel Feature

An interview with Pulp Studio CEO Kirk Johnson about the company's recent feature on The History Channel series "More Power", including how the episode came to be, what the hosts thought of the factory and how the episode has helped not only boost employee morale, but hopes to help the industry as…

Binswanger Glass Celebrates 150 Years

Binswanger Glass is celebrating 150 years in business this year, crediting their company values, atmosphere and hard-working employees on all levels for the past century and a half of success.

Safety on the Jobsite

Top considerations for heat safety, glass handling and transportation.

Companies Rally for Communities, Staff in Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

In the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida, the first thing Florida-based companies did was make sure their employees, clients, and customers were all safe. Now, they are helping their communities rebuild and looking to the future of glass and related products, as well as standards…

4 Tips For Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

With summer in full swing, extreme heat is sweeping across the nation. High temperatures can be harmful, and at times potentially lethal, for those who work in the field, like installers. There are ways that those who work outside can keep themselves safe during these warmer months.