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August 2022

Product Solution | Skudo Glass Advanced

Skudo Glass Advanced is the perfect solution for all construction projects requiring temporary window and glass protection from start to finish.   

Q+A with GlassFab: Building a Culture of Quality and Service

Glass Magazine sits down with Mike Goldfarb, one of Glassfab’s original managing partners and vice president of sales for the company. Goldfarb discussed his history in the industry, the impressive growth of Glassfab, and how to build a culture of quality and service that lasts.

Glass Magazine Awards 2022

Glass industry companies continue to push the envelope, materially and figuratively, innovating high-performance products for tomorrow’s built environment.

R&D Award

Fenex’s new Oversized Flood Window, a flood-resistant and floating debris impact-resistant product, was designed to meet the challenge of extreme weather.

Best Innovation for the Factory

Integrated Automation Systems’ AutoRack 1 speaks to the industry’s need for machinery that reduces the need for labor, while still providing quality and speed.

Best Innovation for Installers

Architectural Grilles & Sunshades offers three models of its most popular sunshades—the Kilkenny, Hercules, and Wexford series—kept in stock, with only a 4- to 5-week lead time.

Best Hardware Product or System

Frameless Hardware Co.’s line of high-security handles, Steincraft ML100 Magnalink Electromagnetic Egress Handles, aims to address security concerns while still maintaining aesthetics.

Best Glass or Glass Component

SunGuard SNR 50 offers architects attractive exteriors, while also creating bright and comfortable interiors.

Best Framing System or Component

The 8010 series single blade sunshade system by C.R. Laurence delivers two key qualities for the façade; controlling solar exposure, and allowing design flexibility.

Best Protective Glazing Project

When it opens later this year, San Francisco’s busy Union Square Station will feature a decorative glass walkable floor/roof system that welcomes commuters into the hub and provides 2-hour, fire-resistive glass courtesy of Safti First Fire Rated Glazing Systems.

Best Project Team

When project glazier Architectural Wall Systems and other stakeholders were approached to construct the Hubbard Center for Children's new patient tower, this year’s winner of Best Project Team, they recognized the the need for a design-assist, integrated project delivery method.

Best Jumbo Glass Project

Garibaldi Glass brought the clean and future-forward look to life at 402 Dunsmuir, a nine-story, 152,000-square-foot glass building located in Vancouver, British Columbia, that was built to attract North America’s top tech and entrepreneurial talent.

Best Green Project

The owner of 915 Broadway Street, a 4-story multi-tenant commercial office building, constructed in 1979, featured 6,000 square feet of single-pane windows which offered little insulation from exterior temperatures. Alpen High Performance Products delivered a cost-effective retrofit solution that…

Best Decorative Glass Application

Members of the general public in Los Angeles using three of LAX Transit’s new transit stations will be able to appreciate glass art installations at each location, installed by Giroux Glass Inc.

Project of the Year Runner Up and Best Feat of Engineering

Employees at Expedia’s new Headquarters in Seattle can gaze out onto the surrounding Olympic mountains, Seattle skyline and Elliott Bay, thanks to the building’s glass cable net walls, designed by Sentech Architectural Systems.

Project of the Year and Best Glass Interior

Located at the peak of a skyscraper, Transcendence I is part of the experiential suite of immersive rooms at Summit One Vanderbilt. The project combines oth­erworldly glass and mirror, fabricated by Cristacurva, with outstanding views of Midtown New York City.  

glasstec returns

The international glass products, manufacturing and technology show runs Sept. 20-23.

Showing What’s Possible

Mother-daughter glazing team Casey Weir and Anna Wright talk with Andrew Haring about their experiences in the industry, the need to bring more women into glazing, and more. 

Labor, Inflation, Supply Chain

Companies in the construction industry are facing one of the most complex business environments in the past two decades. Get actionable suggestions to emerge from five current economic challenges as a stronger business.

Grappling with Rising Glass Costs

Summer 2022 has brought high temperatures right alongside higher prices for everything from gas to groceries, and yes, to glass. How has the industry responded? 

Revisiting Innovation

Departing from established comfort zones – whether traditional or recently acquired – requires executives to consider new ways of forming the future and taking more risk. It’s a challenge, but also an opportunity.

How to Choose the Right Software System for Your Company: Part 3

Today we’ll cover the final two steps in the software buying process. If you’ve missed anything or need a refresher, please refer to Part 1 and Part II of this blog series.

How to Choose the Right Software System for Your Company : Part 2

Welcome back to the second part in a three-part blog series designed to help managers and glass/window/door company owners find the best software solution for their company. Today we’re going to cover creating a software vendor short list, and validating that list.

How to Choose the Right Software System for Your Company

Choosing software for your business can be a daunting task, if not scary! There are many legitimate concerns. In an effort to help ease them, I will attempt to provide guidance in navigating software questions.