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August/September 2023

Great Glazing | Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall

Pulp Studio created over 8,700 square feet of flat and bent laminated glass railings and guardrails, chemically strengthened for the tight 8-inch radii specified for the job.

Product Solution | Solid B Hinge

Aluminum profiles have grown in popularity in the commercial sector, and so has the need for hardware aesthetically and functionally compatible with this trend. Roto designed the Solid B butt hinges for hinged aluminum doors to fit this need.

Q + A with CRL | Innovation Boosted by Vigorous Testing

A vital component of the innovation process, in-house product testing helps companies enhance product quality, iterate on designs, streamline development cycles, protect intellectual property and foster a culture of invention. 

Glass Magazine Awards 2023 | Glass Can Do Everything

The seven project and six product award winners represent the full gamut of what glass and metal systems have to offer to the spaces where we live, learn, work and play.

Glass Cast Episode 4

Matt Kamper of Woodbridge Glass talks about a recent challenge where the glazing team came into conflict with the design team over plans for the curtain wall system.

Sowing the Seeds of Innovation

To create real, meaningful progress within an industry that is constantly demanding it—ideas are essential for all stakeholders within the commercial glass industry. Here are some ways we approach innovation, which you might also find helpful.

Implementing Software Systems to Maximize Efficiency

Successful software adoption by glazing companies can improve staff and business performance, making the organization more efficient and profitable.

Reflections on Mirror

The technical services team of the National Glass Association maintains the NGA Codes & Standards Help Center to provide general guidance to its member community. The following is a compilation of inquiries about flat glass mirror. 

Glass Cast Episode 3

Taylor Anderson talks about the skilled labor shortage and the comprehensive onboarding process at her company, Anderson Aluminum as part of the BEC Conference panel, Generational and Mentorship Gaps.

A Checklist for Glass Printing

Demystifying digital and decorative printing on flat architectural glass—the strengths of each print process, plus considerations for bridging client needs with fabricator capabilities.

Repurposing Unwanted Glass

Without a national glass recycling infrastructure, Repurposed Materials Inc. offers an opportunity to reuse and repurpose architectural glass.

David Geffen Hall

Pulp Studio’s polished and carefully etched bent railing and guardrails complement the elegant intimacy of the new performing arts center, home of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and helped it win this year’s “Best Glass Interior” award.

Jefferson Health Honickman Center

A 20-story medical facility located in central Philadelphia, the new Jefferson Health Honickman Center features a rippling façade with curved glass fabricated by Cristacurva. It is this year’s winner in a new category, “Best Curved Glass.”

Center of Developing Entrepreneurs

CODE aims to be LEED Gold certified, and several of nominating company Kawneer’s thermally broken systems helped the project take home the “Best Green Project” award this year.

Boley Elementary School

The new daylit and colorful interior of Boley Elementary School complements the heart-warming story of this project, winner of the “Best Project Team” award.

Orlando International Airport, Terminal C

The Best Protective Glazing Project represents a $2.8 billion investment with its attention to hurricane resistance and impact ratings. Judges also recognized the project’s sustainability strategies, including water-reduction features, solar panels, responsive lighting, and the use of nontoxic and…

The Audrey Irmas Pavilion

The winner of Best Decorative Glass Application and Project of the Year Runner Up, the Audrey Irmas Pavilion is a glowing green glass trapezoidal terrace recessed into the side of Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s historic Erika J. Glazer Family Campus in Los Angeles.

1550 Alberni Street

Asymmetry meets style in the new 43-story, mixed-use tower that makes a striking addition to the Vancouver skyline and is the winner of the Project of the Year and Best Feat of Engineering.

950SG Series Therml=Block Window Wall system

Tubelite's 950SG Series Therml=Block Window Wall system, this year’s winner for “Best Framing System or Component,” offers a four-side, structural sealant glazed  window wall that provides a thermally broken, aluminum framing solution for between-slab horizontal spans on commercial buildings.

Achieve FGR Frameless Glass Railing Systems

FHC’s new Achieve FGR frameless glass railing systems significantly streamline the installation process, making it an understandable win for this year’s “Best Innovation for Installers.”

SunGuard SuperNeutral SNR 35

Guardian Glass’ SunGuard SuperNeutral SNR 35 coated glass, this year’s winner for “Best Glass or Glass Component,” combines aesthetics and performance, the pinnacle of achievement for any new architectural glass.

A+W iShape

A+W Software’s iShape application, this year’s “Best Innovation for the Factory” winner, aims to speed up the templating process with a template-digitizing software solution.

Ocula Frameless Windscreen

In Sightline Commercial Solutions’ Ocula Frameless Windscreen, this year’s winner for “Best Hardware Product or System,” hardware is minimal but crucial.

This year’s “R&D Award” winner  has a unique origin story. The online platform is  designed to make sourcing quality shop drawings faster and easier.

7 Glass Manufacturing Heat Safety Myths 

Hot indoor environments can be just as dangerous and fraught with avoidable heat safety misconceptions. Here are seven indoor heat safety myths to watch for. 

Elevating a New Generation of Girls in Glass

NAWIC recently hosted 70 teenage girls for a free weeklong learning program offering a hands-on approach to construction careers. This year's curriculum also included education about glass and glazing, courtesy of NAWIC board member Kristie Rehberger, also the general manager of A Glasco Inc.